Friday, January 13, 2012

How NOT to Evangelize: A Guide

To be widely distributed and read.

I've done a few of those things mentioned in the list.

I feel a little sorry for people who do do some of those things, e.g. always reference back to the faith, talk about how the world is going to hell, argue their point without end, etc.

I think a number of these people are so keen on their faith and probably so alone in their circle of friends that when they get a chance to talk about it in a safe space-- and the internet is a reasonably safe space even among non-believers-- they just can't shut up.

People who do these things may be turn-offs, but they really care about their faith. It's so nice to meet people who care!

It's just too bad their concern for their faith doesn't translate in social situations. They need to be around a lot of kindred spirits. Being around non-Catholics, especially hostile ones, just reinforces their feeling of being embattled.