Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sharia Court in India Orders Expulsion of Christians

This makes me wonder if it could ever happen in the West:

Apart from ordering the expulsion of the Christians, the court also directed the government of Jammu and Kashmir to take over the management of the Christian missionary schools besides monitoring their activities.


Church leaders, Christians groups and Kashmiri Christians all have expressed alarm over the sharia court pronouncement and the subsequent Christian bashing in the local media, despite the Kashmir Valley having fewer than 400 Christians among 4 million Muslims.


In the entire Kashmir Valley, there are only about half a dozen churches, half a dozen Christian schools and a couple of Christian hospitals.


In a white paper on the Kashmir situation, the Catholic Secular Forum pointed out that between 1989 and 1992, the majority of Hindus and Christians of Hindu origin in Kashmir had been “forced out of their homes by the Islamist terrorists. Men were murdered, women were raped, property was destroyed, and threats were issued.”

So there are a very small number of Christians in this region. Nevertheless, they have managed to build hospitals and schools.

And the Muslims want to take them over.

But hey, don't overreact! The Sharia Court isn't binding.

As if the Muslims who issued that decision think that.