Thursday, January 26, 2012

Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario

As I was doing some research on special education, I learned that the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal is now a member of Ontario's Social Justice Tribunals.
The Social Justice Tribunals Ontario is the second cluster of adjudicative tribunals (Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario was first) created under the Adjudicative Tribunals Accountability, Governance, and Appointments Act, 2009. The Act permits the government to create a cluster through regulation when it believes the tribunals can “operate more effectively and efficiently as part of a cluster than alone.” The regulation for the social justice tribunals cluster was passed on January 25, 2011; the tribunals brought together in this cluster are listed below.

Child and Family Services Review Board

Custody Review Board

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Landlord and Tenant Board

Ontario Special Education (English) Tribunal

Ontario Special Education (French) Tribunal

Social Benefits Tribunal

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has this to say about this "clustering":

The clustering initiative promotes the best use of resources through cross-agency cooperation and coordination of operations and administration. It will also enhance consistency in tribunal practices, procedures and decision making.

So the government wants to become more efficient at screwing you over.