Friday, January 27, 2012

Vellacott’s exposé of CTV’s so-called “investigation” of crisis pregnancy centres

January 26, 2012, Ottawa – A Member of Parliament and founding board member of a crisis pregnancy centre in Saskatoon is concerned that CTV’s ‘investigative reporting’[1] on crisis pregnancy centres in BC may be in violation of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Code of Ethics, to the ultimate detriment of vulnerable pregnant women.

Here's an interesting question raised:

“Did Dr. Wendy Norman share with CTV’s reporter the informed consent form she gets her patients to sign and whatever other information she gives her patients before they undergo an abortion? If so, the information was not shared with the viewers. And how are women counselled and supported before and after the abortion?

Yeah, what kind of information do providers offer women about to abort? I would like to poll women to find out if they want info on fetal develpoment.