Wednesday, February 01, 2012

But abortionists don't kill babies....

John told me that about 100-150 abortions occur at this clinic each week. My gag reflex set in while he was telling me about how busy “Late Term Wednesdays” could be. On Wednesdays, women carrying a child as late as 28 weeks come for an abortion. The doctor induces their labor via drugs and then has them trot around like “cattle” in the back of the parking lot together to help start the process of labor. Each woman then stands over a glass bowl and births the infant into the bowl of water and the doctor then takes care of killing the infant at that point.

What? Nothing to be outraged about. It's just a parasite that she doesn't want anymore. If she doesn't want to be pregnant and carry this fetus, that's her choice.

And oh yeah. Morgentaler thinks it's a baby at 24 weeks.