Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Contraceptives will always be mostly a woman's burden

Male contraception has been in the news lately. Researchers are working on using ultrasound to eliminate male fertility.

I tell you what I see.

I see lots of men (well, boys really) lying to their partners saying that they are using ultrasound when they're not. Just to get sex.

I see women getting pregnant because the effects of ultrasound wear off.

I see a trend of women suing their male partners for lying about contraceptive use. It might even be considered a form of sexual assault.

But Suzanne, women have been lying about contraception for decades. Men don't sue them.

Men don't get pregnant. And that's the bottom line. Men do not have the same vested interest in preventing pregnancy that women do. That's why men are way more promiscuous than women. And that's why women are looked down for promiscuity. Men? Not so much. Women need contraception for promiscuity's sake. Men push their partners to have an abortion.

You can't change nature. Even trans people need people who are biologically of the opposite sex to have kids.