Monday, February 06, 2012

Kudos to Stephen Woodworth

This is exactly what we need to push the debate further!

And I love this headline from the Toronto Star:

Tory MP wants human rights for unborn children

Harper has promised to rally the votes to defeat initiatives designed to repeal abortion rights.

Pro-lifers, if your MP does not carry the ball on this initiative, even if he says he is pro-life DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM.

If you vote for a Conservative at this stage of the game, fearing the Liberals and the NDP will do worse, the Conservatives WILL ALWAYS treat you like they have you in your back pocket.

We have got to stop selling ourselves cheap for fear that worse will happen. Good things will only start to happen once we threaten not to vote for Tories. And if it means the Conservatives losing their majority in the next election, well too damned bad.