Thursday, February 02, 2012

Poor-choicers are their own worst enemies

When abortioneers started blogging about their experiences, I knew it would be a goldmine.

George Orwell said it best: there are some ideas so stupid, only liberals could believe them. And they provide tons of proof.

Take this blogpost from The Abortion Gang. Steph is unhappy at how poor-choicers stigmatize abortion themselves.

Now, how could that possibly happen?

Well, for instance, by making late-term abortions sound bad!

Making later abortions sound like gruesome tragedies stigmatizes the women who need them and the clinicians who perform them.

I mean, late-term abortions are not gruesome or anything. And they're not tragedies. They're something to celebrate!

It sounds like this blogger just doesn't like abortioneers coming out with the truth about abortion.

I understand why we emphasize that the majority of abortions are first trimester abortions from a PR standpoint–most people are grossed out by the idea of later abortions, I get it. And the reality is that most abortions happen in the first trimester. But does emphasizing this over and over do anything besides stigmatize later abortions?

Yeah because abortion doesn't stigmatize itself!

We do our movement, and the women we serve, a disservice when we say that an early abortion is ideal and a later abortion is tragic or bad.

Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start saying that late-term abortions are not tragic. That would be the gift that keeps on giving. Stab a baby in the head and suck its brains out? Why that's not tragic or bad at all. What are you so freaked out about? (Yes, I know PBA is banned in the States, but the feminists are all for it, theoretically)

In doing so, we lose the nuance of why women have abortions, of their personal stories, and instead focus on what makes us comfortable or uncomfortable. It’s not about us. It’s about the women who have abortions.

Yeah, and shift attention away from what abortions actually are. You know, because those details don't like, actually matter. Fetuses are not that important, and all that.

(The lack of self-awareness is hilarious).

There were some gems in the comments as well.
Consciously or unconsciously feeding the ‘abortion is icky’ meme does great disservice to reproductive rights. (...) Changing the ‘abortion is icky’ meme will take some doing, and that effort will probably require the production of movies and TV shows where a sympathetic character has an abortion and is fine with it and life goes on. That doesn’t sound very dramatic, but if the writer was very talented they could make it work.

Again, shift the focus away from what abortion does. What, abortion is icky? Are you crazy?

Look, logically speaking, to stop make abortion seem icky, you'd have to get millions of women to look at aborted fetal parts and say "Nah, that's not icky. That's just fine."

Only feminists think that that could happen.

They are so blind to human nature and the way people really react that they think that abortion could ever stop being icky.

Another commenter writes:
We spend a lot of time minimizing how often abortion happens, how much money is spent on abortion at places like Planned Parenthood, and trying to shift the discussion. Once it’s pointed out it’s hard to miss. After hearing Merle Hoffman speak to this a few weeks ago it struck me how much is put on minimizing and hiding it, and just how much the stigma has remained. I think this is the case with many other areas well though. Contraception and menstruation seem to be taboo to talk about to loudly. They’re topics for quiet discussion with certain friends.

Yeah, what could possibly be icky about blood oozing onto your maxi pad and stinking up your crotch? 

Feminists genuinely think that we can ever convince the world to not be grossed out by one's bodily fluids. They really think that.

Steph, this is so right on. How many times have I heard myself say “abortion can be really hard for some women” without also saying “and really wonderful and easy for others” (even though my own was wonderful and easy!)?

Yes, please eliminate the meme that because abortion is a hard decision, it's therefore morally valid. That would do the pro-life cause a great service.