Thursday, February 23, 2012

Undercover Investigation of Sex-Selection Abortion in the UK

"I don't ask questions," doctor tells pregnant woman.

No, you wouldn't, would you?

That might cut into business. The shady business.

Stephanie Byrom, the chief executive of Pall Mall Medical, denied that the clinic offered terminations on the grounds of gender determination and said that if one of its consultants had breached its rules it would take “immediate action”.

LOL. It sounds like Planned Parenthood and when they vigorously deny covering up statutory rape when they get caught.
At both clinics offering the sex-selection abortions, the pregnant women were not offered in-depth counselling on their decision to request a termination — despite the questionable grounds.

Well no, they're good pro-choicers, that's what good pro-choicers do. They don't ask questions. Otherwise, women looking for abortions might stick coathangers up their crotches and kill themselves.

The Daily Telegraph intends to publish more disclosures from the investigation tomorrow, in particular a recording of a doctor offering to falsify paperwork.

Note to pro-life bloggers reading this. More to come!

H/T: Blazing Cat Fur