Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Abortioneer's Gut Tells Her It's Not the Same Thing

Vegan Vagina has a moral dilemma about undercover operations:

So, here is my struggle...I want factory farms to be exposed for their cruelty (not only to animals, but also workers) more than anyone. I know deep down that undercover investigations in factory farms are NOT the same as anti-woman creeps like Lila Rose (and yes I feel bad giving any of her sites web traffic, but google her if you must). The footage and audio that people like Lila Rose obtain from abortion clinics is manipulated and taken out of context and at the end of the day just a downright lie. When it comes to undercover footage from factory farms there is little manipulation going on. I have seen enough of that footage to know that animal cruelty is commonplace in factory farms and no amount of photoshopping or editing can create the horrors I have seen. Watching sadistic factory farm workers anally rape cows or electrocute chickens is pretty clear cut, as opposed to the shades of grey that have come out of Lila Rose's undercover endeavors (re: abortion counseling with a minor who has an 18+ boyfriend).

My gut tells me they're not the same, but I still can't sit right with it. Let me be clear I do not support the ag gag laws by any means. The more factory farms are exposed then the more business they lose and the less animals suffer. There is just something about the deception that weirds me out and I can't place why or how. I don't have an answer about this....would love to hear thoughts from others.

Sodomy against cows is absolutely wrong, but stab the head of an unborn baby and such his brains out in the name of female empowerment, and suddenly there are shades of grey appear. Electrocuting a chicken, should be banned as a moral outrage, but rip a fetus limb from limb for the sake of female empowerment, and suddenly the moral lines are not so clear any more.

Undercover investigations are undercover investigations. If you show someone breaking the law, they're breaking the law.

People will make moral judgements about what they see. Some people don't have a moral problem with electrocuting chickens. Some people don't have a moral problem with ripping a fetus limb from limb.  However most people would see the hypocrisy in opposing cruelty to animals but not to fetuses.