Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Children out in the world

Here's something I noticed recently.

You never see kids going to the store by themselves (or in small groups) any more.

By "kids" I mean elementary-aged children, about age 8-10.

I did an informal facebook survey, and this appears to be the norm in many places.

My oldest is autistic and I don't have any plans to send her out alone in the world any time soon.

Daughter#2 (DD#2) is aged 6, soon to be aged 7. Next year she'll be aged eight. I think that is plenty old enough to go around the corner to the grocery store (except I'm a little nervous about crossing in front of vans that are unloading their stock, but I managed such things when I was a kid.)

I would like for my kid to experience the joy of taking the money she earned and plunking it down for some delightful candy or dollar store junk.

But I'm scared if I send her out alone to get a loaf of bread at the store, people will think this is weird and maybe even... poor parenting! (And you know someone might even try to call Child Protection!)

I realize that there are many dangerous predators out in the world, but is it me, or are we simply grossly exaggerating the danger to the detriment of children's development.

I'd like to see what you have to say: do kids go to the store in your area?

Do you think it's too dangerous for kids to walk to the store by themselves?

Talk to me! :)