Saturday, March 24, 2012

The fetus is a child under Canadian Law

On the upcoming debate on the definition of human life in Canada, Joyce Arthur says:

“Woodworth also continually uses the word ‘child’ to describe a fetus, which is just another ‘begging the question’ ploy to try and lead people to equate fetuses with children and therefore accept that they should have rights. ...Although ‘child’ is often used informally to refer to fetuses, this is a colloquial usage that has no legitimate place in modern law or medicine – including in Woodworth’s motion.”

Patricia Maloney says:
Wrong again, Joyce. Let me repeat how Ken Epp already responded to you on this point on pages 16-17 of The truth about Bill C-484: A compassionate and constitutionally valid remedy to current injustice in Canadian criminal law:

The Criminal Code currently uses no term other than “child” to refer to the unborn child (Sections 223 (1) , 223 (2), 238 (1) and 238 (2)). The term “fetus” is never used in the Criminal Code.

Read the whole thing. I recommend that pro-life bloggers take one or two parts and post them on their blog with a link back to Run with Life.

And who exactly is the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada? Joyce Arthur seems to be the only person who ever speaks for them. Are they astroturf? It makes you wonder.