Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Michael Ignatieff's insight can help pro-lifers

He says:

The difference is in language. In academia, he said, people finish your sentences and accept that what you say might not be exactly what you meant, and they permit clarification. In politics, he said, language ceases to be expressive and becomes strategic, and if you find yourself saying “What I meant was…” then you have already lost.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but always bear this in mind:

Always let poor-choicers finish their sentences. Allow them to explain what they mean.

Because if you want to win the fight for life, you have to know exactly what you are up against, and refute it soundly.

Besides, they always provide the rope to hang themselves with.

That is why they often use verbal shortcuts that have double-meanings, like "choice". So on the surface, choice is supposed to be about the freedom to decide for oneself, but in reality, it's ultimately about abortion.

Did you ever notice that real poor-choicers never want to debate abortion or the fetus. Never. If they do, then they are not really part of the tribe. The reason is simple: if they start talking, they risk alienating their supporters.

Always let poor-choicers finish their sentences.