Thursday, March 01, 2012

Prophetic Words from Fr. Marcel Guarnizo -- the pastorally insensitive priest

I decided to Google his name and see what I could find.

He is the founder of the Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe, "an educational foundation that seeks to create a new intellectual culture in post-communist countries. "
He gave an interview to in which he describes having met Lech Walesa:

ZENIT: You mentioned the role of the youth in the future of these nations. Did Lech Walesa articulate any "lessons learned" that would be particularly important for the younger generations of these nations?

Guarnizo: All of the lessons of communism are important for the youth of these nations to take to heart. But if one thing were to come to mind, he spoke of the incredible courage needed for a few people to stand up for what they know to be true and right, even if it means going against adversity and deeply entrenched systems and cultures. This is kind of moral courage is not easy to come by.

And it is something needed not only in central and eastern Europe, but also in the west -- the moral courage to lead and to defend the culture of the west. I think the West is committing intellectual and cultural suicide at present. We are terribly afraid of recognizing the importance of preserving our own Western civilization, of acknowledging our Christian roots, which is a undeniable fact of history. Walesa emphasized the importance of moral courage in order to defend culture.

This guys is SUCH bishop material. Dear Cardinal Ouellet: SVP, promote him!