Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Abortion Monster in the Room

Lumina has an interesting post about the impact of abortion on women and their families.

Many women who undergo abortions suffer. Poor-choicers like to assume that the guilt and pain they feel is from the stigma of abortion, as opposed to the abortion itself, as if killing a human being was a mundane act (regardless of your beliefs about its legality!)

Yes, abortion allows women to overcome certain obstacles. It eliminates another mouth to feed. It eliminates a tie to a boyfriend you no longer want to have (because once you have a child with a man, you're tied to him for life, whether you live with him or not). It can allow women to finish school, get back on their feet, etc etc.

But often at a very steep emotional price.

This is what abortion supporters often don't want to look at. Because abortion is supposed to be empowering. It's supposed to be about controlling one's body, controlling one's reproductive destiny, and therefore controlling one's ultimate destiny.

It's all a sham.

Yeah, maybe you do control your body, but maybe killing your unborn child isn't really you want to be doing, and you have to choose between two horrible choices.

And abortion is supposed to be liberating. When it's not. Because even though you'd RATHER be in school than raising a kid, you paid a steep price for it, and now you're saddled with the emotional baggage stemming from that decision.

This is not liberating. It just creates more problems. You exchange one set of problems for another set of problems as a solution.

That's not a real solution.

H/T: PostAbortion Journey