Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Budget 2012 – Continuing a Pattern of Theft

Christian Heritage Party Leader Jim Hnatiuk:
In a nutshell, most people know that deficit spending is theft. Successive governments have stolen money from our children and grandchildren to convince constituents that they are the party of choice. This 2012 federal budget continues with that trend even under our majority, so-called, “Conservative” government. So, much for those who were hoping that we might at least have a fiscally conservative government since the Conservatives failed so dramatically at being social conservatives. I’ve heard that the Conservatives had an excuse for not coming out with a real conservative budget because the Liberals and NDP would be able to say “See, we told you they had a hidden agenda.” Let’s explain that reasoning to our grandchildren, shall we?

If the party is not going to behave in a conservative fashion, why keep voting for them?