Sunday, April 08, 2012

Post-Modern Freedom is Statist Sexual Freedom

William Gairdner:

The people tend not to complain about the historical losses of their political and economic freedoms, or of being controlled even in their speech and inner attitudes as long as they get complete sexual and personal bodily freedoms as a substitute. We no longer crave an escape from the body (the objective of so many in the past who saw human beings as slaves to their own appetites), but rather the opposite - immersion in its functions and pleasures as a democratic right. Accordingly, the past century has been witness to a perfect correlation between rising taxation, government regulation, and citizen dependency, paralleled by increasingly open sexual expression and claims of “sovereignty” over the body. The old spiritual ecstasy in contemplation of transcendent spiritual meaning (an ultimate meaning higher than, and beyond the reach of the State), is a goner. Instead, we may think of the sexualized democratic State as a political entity that strives through the offer of substitute physical ecstasy to incorporate transcendence into itself. That is to say, by means of a generalized and open sexualization of the masses (which must include a vigorous moral and legal attack on the former restrictive biologically-based natural sexual order as “discriminatory” and “anti-democratic”) the democracies of the West have sought to resolve the great political problem of the missing moral and spiritual transcendence in secular societies. This was a move that entailed a certain loss of our real freedoms.

Have you noticed how so much statist effort is devoted to these sexual "freedoms" and their consequences?

Abortion.Homosexuality.IVF.Sex ed. AIDS. STD's. Not to mention all the trouble caused by unstable families.

Fighting statism is not just a threat to their wallets, it's a threat to their social agenda.