Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pro-Life Woman Quits Liberal Party

In protest of the party's lack of openness to fetal rights:

Because if someone on the street carefully cut open my eight-month pregnant stomach with a scalpel, inside they’d find a fully-formed human, a little girl or boy, ready to take on life on the outside.

If the same person took a rock and began hammering on my belly you, along with 99% of Canadians, would be horrified. Because that’s a living person inside.

Yet, if I were to take my 36-week pregnant body to a local abortion clinic, under current legislation, it would be legal for them to dispose of my baby, no questions asked.

You wouldn't go to a clinic for a 36-week abortion, but you would go to a hospital.

And yes, 36 week abortions are done in Canada.

One of the reasons I want the debate is that I want the evidence to come to the fore.

H/T: ProWomanProLife