Sunday, April 29, 2012

What are Canadian poor-choicers afraid of?

I've that in the controversy surrounding Motion 312, poor-choicers refuse to confront the issue of when human life begins.

What are they afraid of?

Perhaps they really do think that human life begins at birth. Okay, make the case. Why isn't a nine month fetus a human being?

Perhaps they think it doesn't matter that the fetus is a human being.

Okay then: why don't they come out and say so?

Why don't they come out and say that killing a human being is acceptable in the name of empowering women?

I mean of course they wouldn't because it would place them in the awkward position of them supporting the strong killing the weak.

Oh, I know, we're supposed to believe that women who need abortions are all desperate and all victims.

We're supposed to believe that fifty years of full-frontal feminism has done nothing to advance the status of women. They're all as oppressed and vulnerable as their great-grandmothers.

Come on

With empowerment comes responsibility.

But responsibility is a dirty word for leftists.

If people are responsible, it means they are no longer victims, and that ruins the leftist modus operandi of extorting tax dollars in the name of subsidizing these victims.

Perhaps that's what the left is really afraid of: That women are no longer actually victims. Because it's women's alleged victimhood that fuels the abortion narrative that a woman has the right to choose what to do to her own body. As if choices have no inherent responsibility to other people or principles.

And maybe that's why they don't want to confront the issue of human life.