Friday, May 11, 2012

Coverage of the March for Life in the Blogosphere

Socon has a photo gallery and a short video of the counter-protest on Elgin Street (there were several but I get the impression it was all the same people running ahead to the next meeting place).

He also has a funny anecdote
showing how disturbed and confused the poor-choicers are. They think this is normal and acceptable behaviour.

AtheismTV has extensive video coverage of the March. When the video is over, you can select from other clips in the youtube frame.

Diary of a Pro-Life Girl has media coverage that took place before the March for Life.

The reason the media is paying attention to the March for Life is that they think they can embarrass Harper with it. Sad but true. The day they think the March for Life no longer has any political value to them, they will drop the coverage like a hot potato. Sad but true.