Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Dump Harper or Lose the Next Election

In fact, most analysts agree, except for one or two policies (tough on crime, abolition of the federal gun registry), anything “Majority Harper” has done could have easily been done by a Liberal government.

If a solid majority government isn’t enough for Harper to turn deep-conservative-blue, so the thinking goes, especially in a country where the overwhelming majority of people see the world through conservative glasses (including majority support for bringing back capital punishment), then there’s no chance whatsoever that Harper will ever be anything but a “wannabe Liberal”.

This explains why “Majority Harper” has been declining in popularity and support faster and more substantially than “Minority Harper” ever did, because now even his support among conservative voters is eroding. During his two minority governments, it would have been unthinkable for the Conservative Party to find itself in a statistical tie with the NDP, of all parties.

Light-blue, or pinko, Tories have never fared well – witness UK prime minister David Cameron’s troubles. But true-blue conservative leaders who weren’t afraid to show their true colours – Ronald Reagan, Maragret Thatcher – were not only extremely popular, but have also been elevated to the realm of legend in later years.

Dear Conservatives: Dump Harper or Lose the Next Election.

That a so-called conservative Prime Minister opposes as simple MOTION which ultimately calls for a report to Parliament is ridiculous.

We should have never allowed him to make the promise not to re-open the abortion debate.

Oh, well, he wouldn't have won re-election, you say.

Okay, and what would have been the point of him doing so, if it's only to be the reincarnation of...who? Jean Chr├ętien? To his credit, he balanced the budget.

If you don't fire up your base, you cannot win an election. Conservative grassroots are pro-life. Piss off your grassroots, and watch them stay home on election day.