Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fr. Rosica addresses Development and Peace

When I saw the headline, I groaned.

Here we just came from a march to defend the right to life and he's talking to the people who don't, at least as far as the unborn are concerned.

But it actually wasn't bad.

Sure, he dumps on the Catholic blogosphere:

Many of you present here today have been frustrated by the hijacking of pro-life issues by the so-called extreme right. Obstinate fundamentalist attitudes, open hostility or blatant indifference to opposing views are recipes for failure no matter how infamous the self-proclaimed expert, how self-aggrandizing or condemnatory his or her blog or inaccurate or sensational the website. When sustained anger is a signature emotion of those claiming to be on the side of life, there is nothing prophetic or credible about such behavior.

(Not that Fr. Rosica has ever been mad at us or anything, but whatever...)

Nevertheless, Fr. Rosica goes on, at length about the right to life:

What is also very troubling is that those who claim to be on the “left”, perhaps many of you in this room, always work hard on matters of human and civil rights, respecting and upholding the dignity and freedom of others. This of course has included the protection of individual rights, and the efforts of government to care for the weak, sick and disadvantaged. Why then are the extension to the unborn of the human right to life, and opposition to the culture of death, not central issues on the “left?” They must be, for they are clearly matters of justice and human rights.

I wonder how they reacted to that.

I also wonder how that would play in Montreal.