Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pro-life protest in Montreal

In support of a Russian Pro-Life group, "Warriors of Life":
NEW YORK, NY, May 28, 2012 – On June 1st, the international anti-abortion movement “Warriors of Life” will conduct a public campaign aimed at prohibition of abortions in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Poland, Canada. Campaign will include picketing of the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

New York, NY: At 11am on June 1st, June New Yorkers will bear witness to picketing of the United Nations Headquarters (45th Street and 1st Avenue) with a call to protect the most defenseless members of the society – the unborn children. Protests will be led by Orthodox Christians group “The Awakening”.

Washington, DC: At 11am on June 1st, a picket in front of the Russian Embassy (2650 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest Washington) will be organized by the Center for Bioethical Reform (CBR), based in Lake Forest, California and take place in support of the “Warriors of Life” open letter written to Vladimir Putin requesting an Institutional Court investigation into the legality of abortion-permitting clauses. According to the legal analysis done by “Warriors of Life”, these clauses are unconstitutional.

Montreal, Canada: At 1pm on June 2nd, Conservative organizations will gather in front of Russian Consulate General (Montreal, 3685, Avenue de Musee), supporting the “Warriors of Life” campaign to put an end to abortions.

Russia: “Warriors of Life” will protest in front of Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow and Ukrainian General Consulate in Saint-Petersburg. At this time, Ukrainian Legislature (Verkhovnaya Rada) is considering the law aimed at curbing discretionary abortion. During the diplomatic mission protests “Warriors of Life” will call on Ukrainian elected representatives to pass this law and continue legislative process even further (since the law under consideration still allows some abortions).

The protest campaign will continue on for several days in Moscow, St. Petersburg, including sea-boat protests within the boundaries of the city, other cities in Russia, Warsaw (Poland), and Kiev (Ukraine).

Current anti-abortion campaign is dedicated to the memory of the Saint Constantine, a Roman Emperor called by the Orthodox Church equal-to-the-apostles. The memory of Saint Constantine is celebrated on June 3rd on Gregorian (contemporary) calendar. Emperor Constantine put an end to many pagan atrocities in the Eastern Roman Empire. “Warriors of Life” are intent on putting an end to a new paganism- ‘lawful’ killing of the unborn children.

I just want to say:

Catholics do not recognize Constantine as a Saint. Just wanted that to be clear.