Saturday, June 16, 2012

8 Tips for Helping an Abortion-Minded Woman

Great Advice at LifeNews.

She says this many times and I think I can't stress this enough:

Tip #5: No matter what, always remain calm.

Just recently, a weekend of sidewalk counseling pushed me to my limits. I was cursed at, yelled at, and demeaned. It was difficult to stay focused on why I was even on the sidewalk to begin with, and often it was tough not to retaliate to those who persecuted me. No matter what is said to you and no matter how you are treated, never show animosity toward anyone going in or out of the abortion clinic.

I've prayed at 40 Days many times. I've never seen any animosity towards staff or the women going in. I've heard that some people do it in the States.

If you're ever tempted to to scream at people, for God's sakes DON'T.

It does nothing to help her or the cause, and it does damage.

Righteous anger has its time and place. That's not it.