Sunday, June 03, 2012

Canadian Pro-Lifers Will Not Be Demoralized. Ever

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada thinks the pro-life movement can be demoralized.

Newsflash: we won't be.

No matter what the result of the vote on Motion M-312, the pro-life movement will push ahead.

They really think this is entirely a matter of bullying MP's into silence.

Fetal rights is as much a cultural issue as a legislative one.

The pro-life movement has never been stronger. We've never had more advocates in the media. We've never had our point of view so present. The Catholic Church has never been so outspoken, and there's lots more room for improvement.

I think the pro-aborts make too much of Chantal H├ębert`s one column where she said defeat of Motion M-312 will be a crushing defeat for the pro-life cause. She's usually pretty perceptive, but this time, she`dropped the ball.

Motion M-312 has already been a huge success for the pro-life cause. It has generated tons of debate that would have never happened had the motion not been introduced. It has provided a springboard for discussions about the right to life of unborn children.

It was never going to bring pro-life legislation. The whole point was to produce a report on the humanity of the unborn child, a debate which the pro-aborts will not engage in because they know they will lose. As it is, we already got Joyce Arthur to admit "there is no, per se, right to abortion" and "the fetus is biologically human" on camera.

But please, don't me stop trying to demoralize us. Continue to knit your vulvas and uteruses. Call pro-life women misogynists, contrary to all the evidence.

Please, continue to write in an adolescent vain on your lobby group's web page. Lack of professionalism is always a good sign. And that air of self-importance, no, please, don't do away with any of that.

I wouldn't want to stop the abortion lobby's implosion.