Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dear Pro-Life MP's: Tell Harper to Put a Sock in It

It's about time someone taught Stephen Harper a lesson.

He is just as controlling of MP's as the Liberals were.

There are more of you than him. If you decide to all hang together, Harper cannot sack you all.

Why did the Right launch the Reform Party if not to allow MP's to talk about issues that important to their constituents?

I think it's time we dump Stephen Harper as leader. If he can't manage the abortion debate, the Conservative Party should find someone who will.

And pro-lifers should not blindly vote Conservative. If your MP is a staunch pro-lifer, fine. If your MP does not carry the ball on the pro-life issue, vote 'em out. Yes, it could mean some more years in the wildnerness, but Conservative parties must learn this lesson: Don't mess with your base. You mess with your base, they will not turn up to work on your campaigns, they won't get the vote out and you will ultimately lose.