Friday, June 29, 2012

Karen Klein's Bus Bullies to go to Reform School

Story here.

Allahpundit at Hot Air asks: Too much, too little or not enough?

Why does it take this level of national attention to get a school to act?

Discipline should start in the classroom.

If students can't behave properly, they should be kicked out. If can't parents can't impress upon their little darlings that respect is required of them, then maybe they're not ready for secondary education.

If school isn't the right fit for them, maybe they should try making in the grown up world.

I think labour laws are too strict. I don't see why thirteen-year-olds shouldn't be allowed to work the check-out at WalMart. It's not that hard a job (except for the part about standing for many hours at a time, but almost anyone can do that). If they think they're so smart, if they think they can make it on their own, why not give them the chance? Why make school compulsory for kids who clearly do not belong there? I think there are kids who'd be better off at a job than in a classroom. A job is often just as educational (if not more!) than the official curriculum.
If you can't behave in the school environment, go get a job, learn about the real world, and come back when you're ready to appreciate what education has to offer. If they manage to make it without a high school degree, good for them. Saves that taxpayer a lot of money and the education system a lot of grief.