Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ontario Court Always Has Time to Prosecute Lil Ole Lady Handing Out Pamphlets

National Post:

In Canada, your right to march through the streets, shaking your fist or offering Nazi salutes to the police will be upheld as a fundamental expression of free speech. You can agitate to join a Pride parade carrying a banner accusing Israel of being an apartheid state, and sympathetic “progressives” will argue on your behalf while municipal leaders look the other way. But stand on a public sidewalk near an abortion clinic, holding a poster with the image of a baby on it, and the forces of justice come down on you with both feet.


Crown attorney Andrew Cappell told Judge William Wolski Thursday that Ms. Gibbons’ pamphlets were “disturbing” to clients of the clinic. It was also a “nuisance” and interfered with the clients’ right to get their abortion.

“By doing this in front of the clinic, it is intimidating people into not having these abortions performed … intimidating them into not executing a legal right that they have,” Mr. Cappell said.

In the famous words of Joyce Arthur, Executive Director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada: "There is no, per se, right to abortion."

Handing out a pamphlet is not "intimidation". Asking people to reconsider is not "intimidation".

Intimidation is the act of threatening some negative consequence for performing a given gesture.

There is no negative consequence for performing an abortion.

Just because something makes you feel bad doesn't give you the right to ban it.