Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Union thugs attack The New Abortion Caravan

Colour me shocked.

A small group of protestors with flags representing the Canadian Auto Workers union were present, including London-Fanshawe Member of Parliament Irene Mathyssen. The protesters’ attempt to disrupt the event included forming a human blockade across the entry way of the event parking lot and surrounding one of the Caravan’s trucks to prevent it from moving. One pro-abortion protester even began to vandalize the truck with a coat-hanger (ironically) in an attempt to remove the graphic images of aborted children from the side of the vehicle.


Beyond the physical disruptions, the protestors were also harassing people attempting to get into the event. Some chanted “If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one” to attendees. The megaphone-equipped group leader was more personal in her attacks, at one point waying “No one would have sex with you anyway, so it doesn’t matter” to a 20-year old woman wearing a pro-life button.

Reducing a woman to her sexuality? How feminist of you!

Unions suck.

This is why they have earned the contempt of millions across this country.

They take the extorted dues of unwilling members.

And they use violence to get their way.

Maybe we should be protesting the CAW.