Friday, June 01, 2012

Video: Ruth Lobo Shaw Speaks at the Launch of The New Abortion Caravan Launch

When they write the history of the struggle for unborn rights in Canada, they will include this speech in the annals. It was that good. Best Canadian pro-life speech EVER.

I love how the pro-aborts inadvertently contributed to the scene, by screaming "shame! shame!" (Yes, abortion is a shame!) And "my body my CHOICE" while the pictures of "Choice" were displayed at the front. The pro-lifers didn't have to scream back. The poor-choice crowd was doing the job for them.

And they showed no self-awareness as they sounded like a bunch of clamouring wild pack animals, eager to get their hands on Ruth. It also made me think of the way the crowd called for the death of Jesus.

I think we should have Ruth at the March for Life next year.

Watch it. Then blog it, tweet it, post it on facebook and tell everyone about its awesomeness.