Saturday, June 02, 2012

Virginia abortionist’s medical license suspended over drug charges

RESTON, VIRGINIA, June 1, 2012, (Operation Rescue) — Abortionist Joel Match’s medical license was summarily suspended last month by the Virginia Board of Medicine amid findings that he was operating a “pill mill” that dispensed dangerous narcotics to at least ten patients without prior treatment or proper medical work-ups—some of whom were known drug addicts.

Gee...An abortionist who runs a "pill mill"...Where have I heard that before...

Kermit Gosnell of Pennsylvania, who faces murder charges for killing babies born alive during late-term abortions, was discovered after police raided it his clinic thinking he operated a “pill mill.” Florida abortionist Harry Perper was arrested last year and charged with the illegal distribution of drugs. Other abortionists in Pennsylvania and Maryland have been arrested and/or disciplined within the last year on similar charges.

And it gets shadier:
Match has a long history of problem behavior. He formerly worked for Nova Women’s Healthcare in Fairfax, Virginia, where he was employed by Mi Yong Kim, an abortionist who lost her own medical license in 2007 after killing a woman during an abortion. Kim is again under investigation for a botched abortion at Nova that was documented and reported by pro-life activists working with Operation Rescue in April 2012.

Match was sued in 2009, along with Kim, after he gave patient Regina Tetteh a negligently performed abortion. He had informed her that her pregnancy was in her uterus when in reality, she suffered from an ectopic pregnancy. Match noted in Teeteh’s medical record that he had successfully completed the abortion of an eight-week pregnancy even though a 12-week-old fetus remained dangerously lodged in her fallopian tube. Teetah began to experience increasingly worse pain and bleeding after the abortion. Instead of sending her to an emergency room, Kim rescheduled her for a second abortion several days later. Before she could make that appointment, Teetah collapsed in pain after her fallopian tube exploded, threatening her life. She unsuccessfully attempted to crawl to a phone to call for help. Her fiancĂ© discovered her later on the floor of their home and called 911. Teeteh survived her ordeal but continued to experience pain and other issues for years.

How the BLEEP do you miss a 12-week ectopic pregnancy? Did he not perform an ultrasound?

Remember how poor-choicers opposed mandatory ultrasound laws in Virginia? Rape! Rape! They all cried.
Well, if a transvaginal ultrasound have been performed, they would have figured out there was no fetus there. With that clue they could have figured out it was an ectopic pregnancy. The baby could have been removed safely by surgically cutting open the fallopian tube. 

Court records also state that Match has a history of spousal abuse. In his 1992 divorce, the court found that Match has subjected his wife to physical abuse, including “choking her, body-slamming her, kicking her, throwing her down the stairs, beating her face, pulling her hair and screaming at her.” Records also show that Match underwent psychiatric treatment and counseling “with respect to his violence and cruelty to a woman (his wife).”

Defender of women's bodily integrity!