Tuesday, June 05, 2012

When did this become controversial?

From the Christian Heritage Party:

Trying to regulate the lives and behaviour of 35 million citizens—all with their own challenges, frustrations, disappointments, and desires—(in a broken justice system) has become an impossible task. When governments abandon the moral underpinnings that once allowed the people both freedom and personal responsibility, they are inevitably tempted to use the power granted them to extend their domain, rather than to protect their citizens. The responsible use of the authority of the state requires restraints that are determined by someone greater than the state or the individual.

I find it ironic that people tend to characterize the Christian Heritage party members as a bunch of whackjobs who want to impose an oppressive theocracy on the people.

It is true that CHiPpers do rule by the Bible. Talk to party members about politics-- especially Protestant ones-- and they will be whipping out the Scripture in no time to support their beliefs. I`ve been there.

And yet what many of them are about is precisely NOT micromanaging your lives. You want to eat trans fats? Your choice. You want go to a tanning salon? That's your affair. More often than not CHiPpers are very laissez-faire on just about everything.

Meanwhile, leftists micromanage every little petty thing in your life. 

I'm not a CHP member-- I don't believe in parties ruled by one religion, and I am really not keen on their stance on capital punishment. But I do like Jim Hnaituk. I think he'd make a good Prime Minister.