Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another reason why pro-abort pics of abortion don't work

From Julie Culshaw at Concerned for Life:
Isn't it odd that, given the advances of medical science, people who support the pro-abortion position cling to images that are only visible to the naked eye? They won't go beyond what is immediately visible to perhaps use a microscope or any other technology that is now standard equipment. It seems that is a little bit like living in the dark ages and denying the advances that have been made.

Given this type of thinking, one could look at the heavens and ask what's the big deal about astronomy? since all that can be seen, with the naked eye is little points of light - nothing interesting here, move on.

This position relies on remaining ignorant of the science; and that position is not tenable for very long, at least not if you wish to think.

Re: This post from Jill Stanek.

The question is simple: where's the embryo? There are body parts in there somewhere.