Monday, July 30, 2012

If Gestational Abortion Bans Are So Bad...

second trimester fetus with label human being

Then why do pro-lifers tout the latest poll showing that most Canadians are in favour of legal protection for unborn children over a certain gestational age?

If non-procedural legislation is the way to go, why does the pro-life movement pay for surveys that ask Canadians if they favour gestational limits at various stages of pregnancy?

If we are to work towards another form of abortion law, shouldn't we change the questions we ask of the public?

And wouldn't it be advantageous to ask people whether they support D & E and fetal intracardiac injections (after we explain what it is)?

Look, if the majority of the Canadian population supports sticking a needle in the heart of a sentient baby, the argument over gestational vs. procedural legislation is the least of our worries.