Sunday, July 29, 2012

Late-Term Abortions Not Typically Done for Medical Reasons: Abortion Advocate

Commenting the prochoice effort to counter a 20-week abortion ban in DC, Tracy Weitz says:

Indeed, the truth is that most of the women whose abortions will be banned in DC have far more complicated real-life stories. They include late discovery of pregnancy; difficulty making the decision about whether to terminate a pregnancy; conflict with the man involved in the pregnancy; inability to locate an abortion provider; and challenges in obtaining the money for the abortion, finding childcare, or getting the time off work. And most often, their stories are combinations of a lot of these factors.

While some women will need abortions because their wanted pregnancies “went wrong” or because they were victims of sexual assault, most women will need abortions because of the circumstances of their lives. We need to support all women’s ability to decide to terminate a pregnancy and not demand that they tell us a story of victimhood in order to gain access to abortions.

Dear Abortion Advocates:

Please tell your fellow supporters the truth. Many of your fellow-travelrs to think that late-term abortions take place ONLY if there is a medical concern.