Thursday, July 05, 2012

New proLife Social Media Platform attracts over 3,000 Members in only 6 Weeks.

News Release

New proLife Social Media Platform attracts over 3,000 Members in only 6 Weeks.

World Life Organization Launches Software Platform for Global proLife Collaboration and Action to End Legalized Child Killing.

Portland, Oregon: ProLife activists from across the world have joined a new social media platform developed to create collaboration and coordinated proLife action all across the globe. was created by World Life Organization’s Internet Director Todd Bullis in response to the repressive censorship policies and liberal ideological beliefs of existing social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube, and Google +.

“I couldn’t sleep one night, and my insomnia ended up changing my life forever.” said Todd Bullis, who is a software developer by trade and an outspoken proLife advocate.

Unable to sleep, Bullis Googled “’proLife articles’ and came across a World Net Daily story about Facebook deleting a proLife picture, but allowing instructions on performing a do-it-youself abortion to remain on the site. The article exposed how the same double standard that has existed in traditional media has now taken root in the new social media outlets.

“I have known for years that mainstream media outlets like NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN no longer reported actual news, but produced stories that fit the liberal social agenda of the executives and journalists that worked there. I just had no idea the posts on consumer driven social media was in reality being molded in the exact same way,” continued Mr. Bullis.

This realization gave birth to the concept for a new social media platform. Bullis quickly put together a development team and began working nonstop on the code that debuted as in late May 2012.

“The growth on our platform has exceeded our most optimistic projections. It seems there was such pent up demand for proLifers to be able to express their faith, convictions, and willingness to work together, we had to retool our servers and dramatically increase our capacity after just two weeks in order to handle all of the new members,” expressed Todd Bullis.

“Needless to say we are excited about the growth we have experienced over the first six weeks since our launch. It is the mission of World Life Organization to equip the proLife movement with the necessary training, resources, and technology to better enable them to protect pre-born babies across the globe and end legalized child killing,” said Don Cooper, President of World Life Organization. "If we can help you or your organization, please contact us at

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