Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Carhart’s late-term abortion clinic caught dumping controlled drugs, private patient info

Abortion is a shady business:

The pro-lifers said the found documents containing private patient information, including photocopies of patient drivers licenses, information about birth control prescriptions, and detailed information about a 15 week abortion for which the patient was charged $2,200.

Also discovered was bloody refuse including bloody sanitary napkins and blue pads, some of which contained blood clots and possible human fetal remains, and partially full bottles of IV drugs that are classified as controlled substances and other drugs.

I have a hunch that the reason that this was allowed to happen is that non-professionals were hired to do the work. It seems to me that it's standard practice to put sensitive documents into the shredder and that left-over medical waste goes into the bins dedicated to that purpose and properly handed over to medical sanitation workers.

If this is how their clinic operates, it's amateur hour there. I'd hate to see who they hire to do the actual abortion work.