Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Three Levels of Ignorance of the Pro-Abortion Position

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Most people who support abortion are confused. I know, because I used to be moderately pro-abortion, and I know the comfortable muddle of unexamined premises that supports their position. Principally, abortion supporters are ignorant in three fundamental areas, and forcing them to really think about these areas is the first step in moving them toward the truth that abortion kills a human being.


The final defense of abortion supporters is also the most difficult to break down. Presented with the factual and moral evidence that human life begins at conception and deserves protection, many will simply refuse to accept the logical conclusion that supporting abortion, at any stage and for any reason, means supporting the destruction of human life. There is a sort of cognitive dissonance that sets in, in which the person cannot refute the factual evidence and does not wish to accept the moral conclusions, but nonetheless cannot bring themselves to abandon their convictions.


Generally speaking, willful ignorance won’t be broken down by reasoned argument, but at the very least once you’ve led a person to this point, you know you’ve reached the last wall of defense.

Willful ignorance is often broken down when the person sees everyone around become pro-life. It's the band-wagon effect. Sad as that is, some people don't change their opinion until they think it's socially safe to do so.