Tuesday, July 10, 2012

US Agency confirms mermaids do not exist

Thanks for that Newsflash, NOAA.

Why, then, did the agency responsible for addressing coastal issues such as climate change and marine commerce feel the need to make a public declaration on the lack of mermaid proof? The move may have been in response to recent popular culture.

A documentary-style series on the existence of mermaids first aired on Animal Planet in late May, beginning with a show titled “Mermaids: The Body Found.” The show made the claim that mermaids exist, based on evidence such as testimony from government scientists and the earliest known depiction of a mermaid: an ancient Egyptian cave drawing.

The NOAA wasn’t having it, though, and laid the myth to rest in the June 26 post. And with one less mythological creature to choose from, the American public can all refocus their efforts on what really matters: crime-fighting billionaires and costumed web-slingers.


Damn, it's a good thing the US Government is on the case. Would have never figured it out for myself.