Thursday, August 09, 2012

Abortion Stats Need to Be Public Says Pro-Abort Researcher

Government censorship protecting you from reality

While it is key to protect abortion providers, as well as the personal privacy of the individual, having the full picture of abortion data is important for planning, said Ms. Norman.

“In order to be able to understand these usage of services throughout the country, and how they’re distributed, where they’re required, having complete data from an academic sense would also have some value,” she said


This censorship of abortion stats is politically motivated. It's not about violence against abortionists. It's about taking away the means for the pro-life movement to challenge abortion in Ontario.
There is no reason the public should be denied knowledge about such a vital issue. I think people should be concerned about this suppression of abortion information, whatever their stance on abortion. Governments should not withhold information from the public, especially for political reasons.