Friday, August 17, 2012

Abortioneer co-operates with sexist abortion

Abortioneer About a Girl recently counseled a client who wanted  a sex-selection abortion.

The concept seems very foreign to us; but, is it really? Globally, there is underlying sexism that drives the devaluation of women. It happens here, too. Please, how many people have raised their hands saying women in this country don’t deserve to be paid equally to men? (Rolling eyes.)

It was a good reminder for me that we’re here to support women, in whatever it is they want, and trust that they know what they need for themselves, even if we may not understand it. We don’t need to understand. We just need to be there.

She is a cog in the patriarchal machine.

Who wants sex-selection abortion?

The patriarchy.

So the woman submits to this sex-selection abortion.

And abortioneers uphold the very system that oppresses women.

But as long as women get what they want, right?

And if a fetus at 22 weeks has to suffer and die for the sake of a sex-selection abortion, who cares!

H/T: JivinJ