Thursday, August 02, 2012

Catholic IVF Doctor Changes Mind After Priest Tells it Like it Is

In 2002, Caruso gave an interview to the Chicago Tribune about helping a lesbian couple conceive through IVF.

"They struck me as just as intent and caring as any heterosexual couple that I would see," Caruso told the reporter. The next week, Caruso's parish priest asked him to step down from the pastoral council at Christ the King Parish in Lombard. Caruso's words and actions had violated church teachings, the priest concluded.

"That might have been the first salvo," Caruso said. "I wasn't angry. I really took what he had to say to heart.

Dear Pastors: See how the truth is "pastorally sensitive"? See how it lead to a true conversion?

Nobody with a sound mind will fault you for upholding Catholic doctrine.

What do you suppose your job is?

"The truth sets you free."

This man was set free by the truth. He is no longer performing acts that lead to the deaths of unborn children. He is now engaging in life-affirming medicine.

It's a good thing.