Thursday, August 16, 2012

If We Want Unborn Rights, We Need to Engage Doctors

So long as doctors claim that unborn babies are not human beings and abortion is a woman's right, abortion will always remain legal.

I repeat: if the doctors are not onside, abortion will remain legal.

Pro-lifers have engaged youth and religious people, but we have yet to engage with doctors.

Because doctors are the ones who give abortion respectability.

As long as they say it's a genuine medical procedure, it will be seen as such by policy makers, and it doesn't matter how scientific our arguments are.

We educate and lobby politicians. Maybe it's time we educate and lobby doctors.

If we don't, there's no point to our movement.

I really mean that: there is absolutely no point the pro-life movement's existence if we cannot convince the medical profession that what they are doing is wrong.

It is doctors and lawyers who helped legalize abortions, not feminists. When doctors and lawyers said it was time to legalize it, that's when it was legalized.