Monday, October 15, 2012

Being Pro-Life Doesn't Make You Less of A Lefty

But you will never be accepted by them.

And that's the way they want it.

One way in which progressives keep their grip on the abortion issue is to make a pro-abortion stance de rigueur.

If you're not poor-choice, you're out of the club.

So if you want to be with the cool kids, the people in power, you have to support abortion.

They know that if arguments about the unborn become prevalent, support for abortion will dwindle.

Liberals want to be inclusive and all, just not inclusive of people who believe in fetal rights.

So to all you pro-life progs out there: keep speaking out. Even if I can't stand your statist views. :)

“My body, my life, my choice.” Such rhetoric has always left me perplexed. Isn’t socialism about protecting the weak and vulnerable, giving a voice to the voiceless? Who is weaker or more vulnerable than the unborn child? Which member of our society needs a voice more than the mute baby in the womb?