Saturday, October 06, 2012

Canadian Pro-Life Women Need to Meet...

Pro-lifers have the moral high ground when it comes to issues of the rights of the unborn.

The problem is, that's not enough.

We need to change the conversation about women in this country.

The discourse about "women" is dominated by feminists.

Pro-life women need to talk about their lives without abortion.
 Because feminists paint all kinds of doomsday scenarios about women if they cannot have abortions.

They paint a picture of women being sent back to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant and chained to their stoves; of women who have absolutely no interests outside of being a wife and mother; of women whose lives are destroyed from poverty or elusive dreams because abortion is impossible.

We have to destroy the “anti-woman” ulterior motive meme that feminists have used to brainwash the public into thinking abortion is a neccessity.

Seeing who pro-life women are, how happy they are and what they can accomplish would be a strong refutation of the feminist message.

And when I say that we need a  pro-life women’s conference, I mean a conference organized by women and run by women with no male interference.

I love you guys, but, women need to do this.

I don’t think I’m the one to do this.

But I hope this inspires some Canadian pro-life woman to take the initiative.

By itself, it won't do everything, but I hope it will drive home the need not only to talk about the unborn, but about women.