Tuesday, October 30, 2012

De-medicalization of a so-called medical procedure

De-medicalization” turned out to be a recurrent theme throughout the conference. The early abortion rights movement may have argued that legal abortion was needed to prevent all those “backstreet abortions” by untrained profiteers, but today’s activists want abortion out of the hospital and back on the street, if not in a back alley. They want abortions performed by “mid-level” professionals trained in quick crash courses, or by women themselves — illegally, if necessary.


Much of the push for do-it-yourself abortions comes from lack of doctors willing to do the job. British abortionist Katie Guthrie lamented the fact that most aspiring medical doctors just don’t see abortion as a rewarding career choice.

In other words, abortion is considered as "medical" as homeopathy and herbalism.

Which is to say: not very.

The only people who'll end up doing abortionists will be abortion technicians who can't get a job anywhere else.

It's difficult to argue that it's the pro-life movement that's advancing this stigmatization. The pro-life movement in Europe is not terribly influential or vocal, with a few exceptions. There's no reason why Britain should lack abortionists. But the fact of the matter is, people don't want to study ten years to kill human beings.