Thursday, October 11, 2012

Priest abusers: Questions are left unanswered

Squeaker at SoCon or Bust asks some pertinent questions pertaining to Fr. Ed MacNeil and priestly child abusers.

As you may have read, Fr. Ed MacNeil pleaded guilty to fondling boys some years ago, but was back in ministry at St. Joseph's Parish.

The Archdiocese of Ottawa has removed his faculties to act as a priest, but since he is a member of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, he is under their jurisdiction and can continue to operate as a priest under their rules.

Much has been made about bishops covering up child abuse.

What about the religious orders?

This not the first time the Oblates have allowed a convicted child abuser operate in ministry. They did not bother to inform the archdiocese of Ottawa of this case and of other cases, leaving the Archbishop in the dark.

Who was responsible for these decisions, and why aren't questions being asked of them? Where is their collective breast-beating mea culpas? Where is their strict anti-sex abuse guidelines?

It's hard not to be cynical. My gut tells me that the media went easy on the religious orders because they're more left-leaning than bishops. Or perhaps the media are religiously ignorant, and don't know enough to follow the canonical chain of command.