Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Get Your Fresh Embryos! IVF Doc Makes Batches of Embryos for Sale

You have got to read this article.

Before the clinic makes a batch of embryos, it sends an extensive profile of a sperm donor and an egg donor to prospective parents.

Once the clinic gets buy-in from a few patients, it purchases the sperm from a sperm bank, harvests eggs from the egg donor and combines them in the laboratory.

A single pairing can result in a dozen embryos, and the clinic keeps the extras frozen while it looks for patients who want them.

"We want to keep the embryos moving," Zeringue said. "The goal is not to create a bank."

The clinic usually has a supply of about 10 unclaimed embryos available, he said.

So what's going to happen when these kids find out they're made with IVF and they want to connect with their biological moms and dads and their ten other siblings?

And nobody seems to think there's a risk of inadvertent incest. Like that's never happened before. If you live in a town of say 100 000 that has an IVF clinic, and you and your sibling are born around the same time, it's not far-fetched that you might attend the same high school and end up being intimate with one another.

But nobody cares about these questions. All they want is a baby at any price.

The pro-life movement shoud consider doing some kind of outreach to this population. I'm very serious.

But hey, my body, my choice!, regardless of the consequences on anyone else.