Friday, November 30, 2012

I wish we could have a frank discussion in the Canadian Catholic Church re: Development and Peace

LifeSiteNews has the latest drama from Development and Peace.

I've said this before. I'll say it again.

I wish we could get a bunch of Catholics involved in this story and have a frank discussion.

I have often noticed that supporters of Development and Peace don't want to talk abortion.

And most of the bishops don't want to touch this issue.

I am so fed up with all the subterfuge, the wooden language, the failure to confront ANYTHING.

Look, Development and Peace members, do you believe in CATHOLICISM, or no?

Do you believe in the authority of the bishops? Do you believe in the Magisterium, Scripture AND Sacred Tradition? Is Catholicism about the genuine salvation of Jesus Christ offered on the cross for the sins of mankind, is it the crucifixion basically a symbol of a moral framework?
Bishops: do YOU believe in Catholicism? Do YOU believe in the faith you represent? Do YOU think that the unborn child is equal to all other human beings and deserves equal consideration and legal protection?
I feel like everyone is just tip-toeing around the real issues. This crisis is the result of the lack of clarity on the part of the bishops and professional Catholics. The professional class of Catholics tries to work with the documents of the Magisterium to put forward their ideas about Catholicism, conveniently neglecting those points they disagree with. So they talk a lot of those points of social justice that appear in encyclicals -- with their particular spin-- and act like they're binding and from the mouh of Jesus Christ. BUT -- everything else is optional or up for examination. So okay to dissent on killing preborn human beings, but woe to those who oppose government-funded healthcare!

I think the bishops owe us their sincere and blunt commentary on these types of issues.

I want to say that I have hope, but I don't. The best predictor of future results is past results.

We should all tell it like we see it. Candour is a Catholic virtue after all. Are we in this Church to defend the teachings of the Church, or not?

I stand with the Magisterium.