Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Why I Remain Catholic

Standing on My Head:
Instead, in the Catholic Church–like any group of human beings–you’ll find the good and the bad mixed up together. You’ll find the agony and the ecstasy–the joy and the sorrow–the sinner and the saint, and isn’t that what you’d expect to find if you were looking for an authentic religion? Isn’t that what you find when you read the Old Testament? Isn’t that what you find when you read human history? Isn’t that what you find when you study your own family tree? Isn’t that what you find when you look in the mirror?


So I’m not real worried about the Catholic Church being full of crime and corruption and a good number of sinners. It makes me feel at home.

What worries me are the self righteous people who blame the Catholic Church for being such. Do they really think they are so much better than everybody else? Geesh! It’s those type of people who give me the creeps–not the sad sinners who sit in our pews week by week. At least they know they need help. The ones who think they don’t need help? They’re the squeaky clean zombies that make me shudder.

Any human organization you will join, if it exists long enough, will know crime and corruption.

That corruption has nothing to do with my connection with God.

Jesus founded the Church, and I want to remain in that Church. Not someone else's Church.

It is not human actions that make the Church good. It is not human actions that create sacraments or spread the truth (although their co-operation is necessary). It is not human actions that make people holy.

It's ultimately God's doing. He chose the Church to be the means by which we grow in faith.

Human corruption doesn't inhibit that if I don't let it.

I find what I need in the Church. I wouldn't find it anywhere else.

So that is why I stay.